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Diversity and Equity

Diversity is our strength and we must do better to foster an inclusive culture in our schools where all children feel welcome.

School Safety

Outside of providing a quality education, ensuring the safety of our children while in the care of the school is of utmost importance. 

Many of us must use key cards to get access to our place of work, but today our school doors remain unlocked throughout the day. For the safety of our students and our staff, the unfortunate reality of the times we live in is that we must have better physical security in our schools. 

Fiscal Responsibiltiy

Growing up in poverty, even today I am very frugal in my own finances and understand the value of a dollar. I pledge to be responsible with your tax dollars as I am with my own finances, and spend responsibly.

I promise to be honest about the reality and the needs of our schools. In some cases due to the way our schools are funded by the state and limitations on how that money must be spent, local levies are required to fund our schools adequately. If there is one thing worth investing in, it is the education of our students.

That said, if you personally become aware of wasteful spending in our schools or are concerned in any way, please know that I welcome these concerns and will act accordingly. 

For most of my professional career I have worked on business and accounting software, so I have a fundamental understanding of budgets and accounting. I also manage the finances of my independent consulting company myself. I look forward to being a reasonable steward of your hard earned tax dollars and assuring they are spent wisely by the district.

Technology in the Classroom

As a professional software engineer and self-proclaimed geek, you might assume I am in favor of more use of technology in the classroom. This could not be further from the truth.

Through discussions I've had with teachers and through my own experiences, I am of the opinion that most our children are already exposed to technology beyond a level that requires further use in the classroom. 

Instead, I advocate for more hands on and human contact by teachers and classroom assistants. Our teachers are already pressed for time and requiring teachers use their developmental time to learn constantly changing software aides is an inefficient use of their time. I'd much rather our teachers work on their craft of teaching and use their own judgement guided by that development about when and where use of technology is most useful. 

Issues that our youth are facing online today require a School Board that understands today's technologies. I am a software engineer by trade, but I do not believe that online learning resources should replace our teachers face to face student learning. 

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