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Why I'm Running

I'm a firm believer that once we become aware of an issue, it is our moral responsibility to work towards improving that issue. I first became aware of some of the issues in our schools when I started volunteering in my son's classroom one hour a week. It's my firm belief that fixing many of the systemic issues in our school district requires a change in culture at all levels, driven from the very top starting with the School Board.

At first, as a concerned parent, I wanted to understand more about my son's classroom. I was very surprised to see a single kindergarten teacher handling a classroom of 22 five- and six-year old's for a full day, many times by herself. After volunteering to help out with a Science event during the school day, I knew I had to volunteer more on a regular basis and started to help students with key words and reading once a week.

It wasn't long before I started to realize my son and other students in the classroom were not receiving the level of support they needed and many were not learning as much as they could be. It's heartbreaking to see some students excel and others be left behind. I reached out to the teacher, became the PTSA classroom parent, and reached out to the principal to discuss what I had witnessed and what we could do better.

Because of my passion in this area, my wife and I were invited to be parent representatives to the Equity and Discipline Workgroup at the administration office. I recruited other parents in the district to participate in the group and started to get a glimpse into the data that the district had in which certain categories of students were both disciplined at a higher rate and performing at a lower level than their counterparts.

As a district, we must recognize and embrace our failures and create a culture of a growth mindset where we can deliberately work to improve. I hope to bring fresh ideas to the board and hold our leaders accountable for the real change needed.

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